Feeling Stuck? How NET Can Help You!

The NET Home Run Formula

Have you ever experienced persistent pain or illness that simply does not heal despite numerous efforts? Or noticed how some people manage to reach their goals with such ease whilst you remain “stuck”? Could it be that there is something holding you back? We live in a stressful world! Whether stress comes in the form of relationships, money  problems or work, it can have a negative effect on our bodies, our health, and our  happiness.   NET, or Neuro Emotional Technique®, is an amazingly effective therapy which could  be just what you need to release your full healing capabilities and to open up opportunities to help you reach your true potential!

NET is a mind/body stress reduction procedure formulated by Dr. Scott Walker. The triad of health recognises that a holistic balance of structural, biochemical (nutritional) and mental (emotional) factors is essential for health. However, the emotional component of health is often not cared for which troubled Dr. Walker who realised that this important component was the reason that some of his patients were returning with the same consistent health problems.  Using his in-depth knowledge of chiropractics, Chinese medicine, homeopathy and applied kinesiology, he was able to create this outstanding procedure resulting in success for his patients and now many others worldwide.

NET is based in part on the work of Dr. Candace Pert who discovered that emotions are physiological phenomenon present throughout the body and not just mental sensations. Anyone who has felt “a lump in the throat” or “butterflies in the stomach” can testify to this.  Whilst emotions are natural, sometimes we are not able to process negative feelings, often due to fragility at the time or particular sensitivity, which results in the emotion becoming locked within. These trapped emotions create a ‘neuro-emotional complex’ (NEC), which can disturb energy meridians and in turn weaken associated organs and eventually produce ill health.  

The physical manifestations of an NEC can be varied.  It can, for example, produce headaches, joint and muscle pain or dysfunctional organs. In fact, almost any physiological problem can have an emotional stressor which can be cleared using NET. Consider Jane’s story highlighting the potential power of NET. A little after Jane’s 26th birthday, she started to become very sick. The doctors conducted tests and found that she had multiple organ failure but were unable to ascertain why and sent her home without hope.  Jane consulted an NET practitioner who was able to link her condition to an event that happened when she was a girl - her mother sadly passed away, also at the age of 26.  Jane had developed a subconscious rule that she too would die at age 26 and as a result her body had started responding.  Using NET, this complex was released allowing Jane to fully recover. 

NET can also help other imbalances including phobias, anxiety, depression and self-sabotaging behaviours which stop us from living the life we would like. Have you noticed how people sometimes respond to events in unpleasant ways whilst others are unaffected? Or how some can accomplish seemingly small goals whilst we appear to be blocked from success? Much of our disposition is due to conditioning from unresolved responses to earlier events in life which have been formulated as survival responses. The body is triggered to reawaken the cellular physiology of the original experience in response to similar current situations whether it is appropriate or not.  For example, consider the case of a young boy who was severely criticised by his father causing him great anxiety. Years later, he finds himself experiencing anxiety whenever an older male criticises him. He doesn't consciously connect the two incidents, but NET can help make the connection and efficiently resolve it so that the emotional charge will no longer be activated.  

NET uses muscle testing, as used in applied kinesiology, allowing your practitioner to discover these buried emotional complexes together with the original event which lead to the emotional conditioning.  Once found, the patient is helped to “let go” of the stuck emotion by forming a mental picture of the original triggering event whilst holding specific points storing the emotion enabling the patient to integrate the emotional incongruence.  The practitioner may also use specific NET Remedies® These are homeopathic remedies prescribed after treatment which are specifically chosen to help the body process the emotional release and assist the body to remove any toxins. They are 100% safe for all ages and highly effective.

Just experiencing a basic treatment can do wonders for us physically and emotionally but many patients realise that, like the peeling of an onion, there are many layers that can be resolved leading to a more fulfilled life.  By having regular treatments, it is possible to gain in-depth personal understanding on how events have shaped our lives and decision processes thus allowing us to make more informed choices for the future from a position of neutrality, rather than being influenced by emotional charges formulated from the past.

Patients often report feeling a shift in intensity, as if a burden has lifted and replaced by lightness within minutes after this resetting procedure.  There is also a sense of congruency, an understanding of why they behaved or felt a certain way, and a sense of relief.  Goals suddenly become more achievable, relationships can become more stable, and careers can take a step in the right direction due to a newly found confidence. Patients with persistent health problems report a stabilising or eradication of aches and pains, increased joint mobility or a positive shift in their healing process. For people who have suffered for many years after a deeply traumatic event, this procedure could be truly life changing!

NET is simple, fast and fun! The removal of emotional blockages greatly assists the vitalism of the body to heal itself. Dr. Scott Walker has always insisted that “Doctors don’t heal, only the wisdom of the body heals.”  NET is a wonderful tool to help us do just that!


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