Morphogenic Field Technique


Our bodies are pure energy at their core. Every cell in your body communicates through electrical signals. The flow of these signals controls our brain waves, heart rhythm, nervous system and the way our bodies react to good and bad substances. And, it all impacts the energy that surrounds the body - the Morphogenic Field.
— Dr. Frank Springob DC., Founder of Morphogenic Field Technique

The Morphogenic Field

Every one of us is entirely unique and a one-size-fits-all approach to our mental health, wellbeing and nutrition is never going to allow us to become the fully functioning humans we deserve to be. Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) allows your practitioner to build a customised approach to your needs, creating a supplement plan that will work for you - and only you.

Let food be thy medicine

We all know that we are what we eat. We know when we wake up after a heavy meal the previous evening, that we feel lethargic. We know that too much caffeine can affect our sleep or too much sugar can cause skin breakouts. Intuitively, we all know that what we take in is the cornerstone of our health. But what is “good” for us? How do we find out which nutrition or supplement will give us back our vitality, energy and health.

The MFT approach

MFT helps us to discover the personal energy field that surrounds your body and to identify the abnormal energy that is resulting in that lack of vitality, symptom or poor mood. Through the right natural supplement, we are able to rebalance the energy field, bringing them back to normal levels. As your personal energy fields grows and balances, you can expect your health to resolve and balance.

The morphogenic field is simply an extension of the body’s nervous system and electrical systems that control our brain waves, heart rhythms and more. They can extend up to 6 feet around our body and is rather similar to having an aura. We are able to use our training to identify imbalances in the field and to seek to rebalance them to achieve a state of mind and body that feels revived and rejuvenated.

By using a combination of special and highly effective homeopathic preparations by Energetix™, we are able to demonstrably affect your personal energy field, giving your body back its vitality. Within just a few sessions you will feel better, with more vigour and a sense of purpose that you may not have felt before.

We believe that all of our clients deserve to feel happy and to have full body health. But we also know you are individuals with your personal needs and requirements. MFT gives us the tools to identify those needs and work on them at a level that works for you.

Watch Dr. Frank Springob DC, one of the co-founders of Morphogenic Field Technique, explain MFT and how an increased energetic field relates to increased vitality and better health. Further information can be found at

Jonathan is the only Holistic Healthcare practitioner offering Morphogenic Field Technique in the United Kingdom and Europe.

CALIFORNIAN RESIDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Jonathan Dudley is not licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner.