There comes a time in all our lives when we know something has to change. It is that moment when you don't think you can take even one more step, when you struggle to get out of bed, when your physical or emotional pain has finally reached its peak. Or it may simply be when you feel a niggle in the back of mind – a slightly uncomfortable feeling that something is about to give and a new direction is needed. This is moment when you have choices and for me, that choice was one towards better health and wellbeing. Whether you are at the start of that process or reaching the end of your tether – help can be found.

You might want to call it a rebirth – but a few years ago I realised my career focus needed to shift. I decided to seek answers to my own pain. My depression had haunted me for years and I was determined to beat it once and for all. My study of science had taught me that we are all simply bundles of energy and that there is one simple cause of illness - STRESS - and yet stress can take so many different forms! I instinctively felt that the act of working on each part of the human condition in a holistic way could lead to recovery.

Over the years I have studied homeopathy at the University of Middlesex and the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London and studied mind/body techniques including Neuro Emotional Technique and Morphogenic Field Technique. My practice of these techniques is based on my fundamental belief that physical and emotional problems stem from three main sources: nutritional deficiency, toxicity overload and emotional stress. This holistic approach informs all of my work and has been my main area of study.

My experience with holistic health began in 2006 and I have worked with clients in various capacities since then. I have amassed a wealth of knowledge since I began, which has allowed me to treat all of my clients as individuals, getting to the heart of their issues and devising plans for them which really work. These plans usually use nutritional supplementation but can also include energetic medicine – selected homeopathic remedies which resonate with your body and allow you to heal both physically and emotionally. Now with my own practice, I am in a position to really understand the needs of my clients and form a one-to-one bond with them which is invaluable.

My ability to get to heart of what my clients need is probably my biggest asset. My varied areas of study have given me the opportunity to pick and choose the best course of action for the needs of my clients. Each and every one is treated as an individual and offered a course of treatment which suits their own special requirements. Morphogenic Field Technique really gets to the heart of so many health problems whilst the use of Neuro Emotional Technique can offer instant emotional relief – like a weight being lifted from your shoulders. The power of this is immeasurable and the emotional and physical well-being which comes from this is very powerful indeed.

My journey towards full health took many years, mostly because I failed to understand what my body was telling me. My aim is to ensure that my clients don't have to take the same road as me. I want you to feel the vitality which is available to all of us.

CALIFORNIAN RESIDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Jonathan Dudley is not licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner.