Natural Health Magazine, July 2012


NET recognises that emotions are a physiological phenomenon present throughout the body, not just mental sensations. The removal of emotional blockages assists the body to heal itself.

What happens:

A therapist uses muscle testing, as used in applied kinesiology, allowing them to discover buried emotional complexes, together with the original event which upset you and lead to emotional conditioning.

Good for:

Moving on in life, achieving goals, stabilising relationships, as well as an improvement in persistent health problems and aches and pains.

We've all experienced our fair share of strong emotions, and while these are all completely natural, sometimes we are unable to process negative feelings. This is often due to fragility at the time, or a particular circumstance, which then results in the emotion being locked within. "Have you ever experienced persistent pain or illness that simply does not heal despite numerous efforts?" says Jonathan Dudley, who is one of only three certified neuroemotional technique practitioners in London. "We live in a stressful world. Whether stress comes in the form of relationships, money problems or work, it can have a negative effect on our bodies, health and happiness." 


The theory is, the body holds on to negative emotions physically. "Anyone who has felt a lump in their throat, or butterflies in their stomach, can testify to that," says Jonathan. If your body was in a state of low resistance when you encountered a stressfully-charged event, these emotion take up residence in the cells of the body. With time, negative emotional states, as well as physical pain and dysfunction, can occur.


“Trapped emotions create what's a 'neuro-emotional complex' which then disturb energy meridians and weaken associated organs and eventually produce ill health,” explains Jonathan.


NET can be used as a stand-alone therapy, or to complement others such as homeopathy, chiropractic or acupuncture. "In my practice, I am able to use NET at various times during a homeopathy session to see if there is an emotional stress or behind the presenting sickness or problem," says Jonathan. "We're then able to release, or reset the neuro emotional complex so that the body can heal itself more easily, in my case aided by a homeopathic remedy, or for other therapists, by using their own chiropractic or acupuncturist protocol with the patient."

The process involves muscle testing to see what is affecting you on a subconcious level. It’s then resolved by the patient thinking about it, and then the therapist holding certain acupressure points.


NET practitioners can treat just about everybody who suffers physical and behavioural stress-related conditions. This includes aches and pains,phobias, organ dysfunctions and general anxiety-though the focus is all about allowing the body to repair itself naturally by removing the blocks to its natural vitalism. 


Neuro Emotional Technique

Lucy Horton visited Jonathan Dudley to experience NET

I met Jonathan in his consulting rooms in London's Harley Street where we sat down and discussed what I'd like to get out of the treatment and the issues that I wanted to address. We decided to work on confidence issues and with this in mind Jonathan asked me to hold out my arm so he could use kinesiology techniques to feel my body's response as I made various statements aloud such as 'I am a confident woman in charge of my destiny'. By testing my muscle response to these statements and asking questions about my emotional history at several points during the process, he was able to narrow down the cause of my insecurity, which bizarrely came down to my grandfather dying when I was four years old – an event that I can barely remember but obviously had a significant subconscious effect. Once we'd narrowed it down to this event we used simple breathing techniques to unlock and then clear those negative emotions. So simple yet highly effective! Finally Jonathan administered homeopathic remedies to further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. I emerged feeling lighter, brighter and yes, even more confident!

Jonathan says: “When we tested Lucy with the statement 'I am a confident woman' she tested as non-congruent with it. The reasons were she's recently turned 40, AND a very close friend had recently died; this is why the session took her back to the age of four, when she first became aware that people eventually die, with the death of her grandad. The feelings from this event had surfaced again all these years later.Now we've rested this neuro emotional complex, her confidence has a chance to return."