Neuro Emotional Technique - For a Happier and Healthier You

Designs for Life Magazine - Winter 2016/17

Sometimes there comes a time in life when we decide that a change is needed for ourselves and we begin our search for solutions. For me, that time came when I recognised that my chronic depression was being helped by conventional medicines and “talk-it-out” therapies, but it wasn’t ultimately going to lead me to the recovery I was seeking.  I had a choice to make - I stay as I am feeling like I am surviving life, or I make the necessary changes to get well. 

I began by trying various different holistic therapies whilst working on my diet and exercise. I also travelled often and it was whilst visiting the United States that I was introduced to Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and from the very first session I was blown away. I knew I had found something wonderful! My practitioner seemed to get right to the core of the problem, and offered a quick and effective solution which meant the years of built up and stuck “emotional baggage" could be safely discarded.

Months later I was healthier, happier and on a path towards helping other people to feel the benefits I had discovered. Those of us that love NET have all experienced life-changing transformations and I wanted to share what I have learned and help others to feel the benefits that I have experienced.

My clients often come to me when they have reached that same realisation. Still others just feel stuck and are struggling to reach their full potential. And others have experienced difficult situations in life which they are finding it hard to overcome. Thankfully NET is one of several tools I can use to help all sorts of patients.

NET - What is it?

NET offers a new approach to your emotional health. It works by addressing the negative emotions that are sub-consciously influencing how you feel and act. Using muscle testing responses to find neurological imbalances associated with unresolved stress we are able to help you discover events which may be having an influence on your behaviour, feelings or health. It is a way of releasing that emotional charge in a safe and positive way. Plus, NET is harmless, fun and you always remain in control. My clients frequently report that they feel “free” using this technique, allowing them to move forward with their lives.

NET - Why does it work?

We all know that our stomach churns when we feel anxious. The reasons for this were scientifically confirmed by Neuroscientist Candace Pert PhD and written about in her book “Molecules of Emotion”, who found that emotional stress causes the body to produce peptides and signals which effects the way we feel physically. Yes, emotions are physiological! NET seeks to harmonise mind and body with extraordinary results.

What NET patients are saying

Helena says, “NET is a new experience for me. It is unique in being a simple, non invasive practice that goes very deep. Jonathan is an extraordinarily intuitive practitioner. Through NET, he has targeted issues and beliefs which have hindered my life quite severely for many years. He hits the centre of these issues and powerfully strikes them at their root, dealing with and resolving them immediately. I have made huge progress and change through working with Jonathan! All other talking or emotional therapies have been useful but NET addresses things on the subconscious plane - things that affect our lives but are very difficult to interact with or improve. Perhaps Jonathan is my interpreter with my subconscious - helping me to discard strong ideas that are harming me. Marvellously, I now feel more safe, in my body, in this world.”

And Harriet says, “Upon meeting Jonathan, I had an immediate sense of ease and felt that I was in the hands of someone I could trust implicitly. I was open to suggestion and hopeful that he would be able to help, given that I had heard positive things about NET. Nothing prepared me for the transformation that I was to experience that afternoon. I came out feeling lighter and brighter than I had felt in years. This feeling of calm and a sense of wholeness lasted and grew stronger and more embedded over the next few weeks and has now become a real part of me. It has transformed and lifted my (yoga) teaching, my relationships across the whole of my life and my general sense of well being. I cannot recommend Jonathan and NET highly enough. I hope more people have the chance to experience this gentle yet powerful therapy.”

When a client such as Helena or Harriet reports back to me that they feel so much better, it encourages me to use this technique for more of my clients. Would you like to let NET help you create a healthier and happier you?

Jonathan Dudley is a certified Neuro Emotional Technique practitioner to Level II and is one of just 4 therapists in the UK who are certified in this technique. Since 2011, he has worked closely with clients to provide them with individualised treatments with focus on the mind/body connection and attracts clients from across Europe.