We are all so different! Treatment is always tailored to the individual and the consultation process is truly holistic but patients are encouraged to continue to liaise with their conventional medicine practitioners throughout their treatment. 


Before arriving at your chosen location for your holistic healthcare appointment, you will need to complete this short health questionnaire (UK) or this short health questionnaire (USA) which can be brought with you to your appointment.

Patients for Neuro Emotional Technique ONLY need not complete the above form.  Only print and complete this patient registration form (UK) or this patient registration form (USA).


The initial consultation consists of helping you to get a good understanding of holistic healthcare with a chat about your current health before we get to work on finding the best way of helping you back to balance. 

This initial holistic consultation will last for 60 minutes so that we have enough time to cover all aspects of your health. The plan may contain homeopathic preparations, nutritional supplements, and possibly some dietary recommendations.


For those that are unable to visit any of the locations offered due to distance, or if regular follow-up visits prove to be difficult, remote consultations are offered. Contact Jonathan for more details.


Consultation fees are based upon session times booked in 15 minute increments. The 15-minute fee for each location is as follows:

Wendover: £25; London: £35; Ventura, CA: $45

LONDON CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: Fees have remained unchanged for several years. As of January 1st, 2020, 15-minute fee increments in London will increase to £40.

Initial Consultation (60 minutes): Wendover £100; London £140; Ventura, CA $180.

Follow-ups (30 minutes minimum): Wendover £50; London £70; Ventura, CA $90. Clients may request additional time in 15 minute increments for extra Neuro Emotional Technique up to 90 minutes.

Follow-Up Prepayment Bundles: A follow-up is 30 minutes minimum but patients may choose to top their session up by using extra minutes in 15 minute increments from their bundle until it is completed.  Bundles may be used among multiple family members.

Prepay300 (5 hours): less 10% Wendover £450; London £630; Ventura, CA $810 - This bundle could constitute 10 follow-up appointments at the minimum 30 mins each.

Prepay480 (8 hours): less 15% Wendover £680; London £952; Ventura, CA $1,224

Prepay600 (10 hours): less 20% Wendover £800; London £1,120; Ventura, CA $1,440

Children / young adults under 18: less 20%, or less 50% when at least one parent is a client.


Wendover: Thursdays, 10am - 4pm; First Saturday of the month, 10am-5pm. Appointments can be made by telephone, email or online.

London: Wednesdays, 10:15am-3:15pm; Second Tuesday of the month, 4:45-8:45pm. Appointments can be made by telephone, email or online.

Ventura, CA: Information can be found here. Appointments can be made by telephone, email or online.

Supplement / Remedy COSTS

Any nutritional supplements or homeopathic remedies prescribed are chargeable in addition to the consultation fee.


Credit card, cash, cheque or online banking are accepted. Prepayment bundles can not be paid by credit card.


Cancellations are accepted with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Within 48 hours, there is a 50% fee charge whilst 100% of the fee is payable for non-attendance without cancellation.